Love Squared Internship



Be a part of changing the lives of local youth with our high school mentorship programs.


Grow in your spiritual gifts and talents by working with our Love Squared mentors, who will push you to be your best self.


Learn how ministries and businesses function, while expanding your experience in leadership and mentorship.

Bible Study

Create intentional time with God in the midst of a busy culture by participating in daily bible readings and devotion with the Love Squared staff.



The Love Squared Internship is available to young adults, age 18+, living in the United States.


Free housing is available to interns that live outside of the Nashville/Franklin area.


The majority of your responsibilities will require that you have a reliable form of transportation which makes a valid drivers license mandatory for your internship.


As an intern you will be paid a weekly stipend of $100 to offset living expenses such as gas, food, etc.


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What Are You Passionate About?
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Please give us names and contact information for three references other than family. At least one of these should be a reference from a pastor or ministry leader that you have worked with.
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By clicking SUBMIT, you are willing to agree to the following:

- I will give at least 20 hours per week to the ministry. These 20 hours may include working on weekends.

- I may be able to work another part time job to supplement my income if necessary, as long as it does not interfere with the priority of the internship.

- I will serve in whatever capacity that the ministry determines to be of greatest need. At times this may include ministry such as running errands, cleaning, traveling, etc.

- I am willing to submit myself to discipleship and learn from the Love Squared staff, allowing them to lead me however they see necessary.